21 iulie 2008

Nanotubul de carbon ar putea sustine greutatea unui om (EN)

Putem avea parte de o noua era in domeniul circului si al efectelor speciale in filme daca aceasta idee a unui cablu invizibil facut din nanotuburi de carbon reuseste.

"Being narrower than the wavelength of light, nanotubes are normally invisible - as long as they are separated by more than one wavelength. Now Nicola Pugno of the Polytechnic of Turin in Italy has calculated how many nanotubes would be needed to support a person, taking into account small defects that develop in the tubes during manufacture. When held 5 micrometres apart, to keep them invisible, they would form a cable only 1 centimetre in diameter weighing a mere 10 milligrams per kilometre (Microsystem Technologies, DOI: 10.1007/s00542-008-0653-9). A plate with more closely spaced holes could slide along the cable, bringing the nanotubes closer, and so into view."

Sursa: NewScientistTech

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