23 iulie 2008

Politia chemata sa dea afara un musafir prea vorbitor (EN)

O femeie germana a apelat la ajutorul politiei, exasperata deja de vizita unei prietene care vorbea in continuu de 30 de ore si nu dorea sa mai plece.

"A police spokesman in the western city of Speyer confirmed reports about the case, in which the guest rambled on about personal problems and became increasingly intoxicated until the 48-year-old dialled the emergency hotline.

"After an unbelievable 30 hours and failed attempts to encourage the guest to leave last Saturday, the woman did not know what else to do but to call an ambulance,'' the police said.

When the paramedics refused to carry the guest out of the apartment, the woman called the police, who picked up the friend and drove her home.

The spokesman said the guest would face no criminal charges."

Sursa: news.com.au

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