26 iulie 2008

Suport tehnic (EN)

Inauguram o noua categorie si anume "omul si tehnologia". Primul subiect din aceasta categorie va fi o discutie intre un client si un operator de la suport tehnic.

Tech Support: "Please right click the 'My Connection' icon on your screen."
Customer: "Right click?"
Tech Support: "Yes, press the right button on your mouse."
Customer: "There is no right button on my mouse. But there is one over the one I'm usually clicking."
Tech Support: "Ehh...is your mouse positioned horizontally or vertically?"
Customer: "Horizontally."
Tech Support: "Turn your mouse 90 degrees to the right, and then click the right mouse button."
Customer: "Ohh...it's a lot easier to use it now! It moves better too. Is this the way I'm supposed to use the mouse?"
Tech Support: "Yes."
Customer: "I'm so stupid!"
Tech Support: "Ok, now right click."
Customer: "Which one's that?"
Tech Support: "On right side off mouse."
Customer: "I'm left handed."
Tech Support: "Ok, well, look at the mouse and click whichever button you normally don't click on."
Customer: "That's the left for me."
Tech Support: "Ok, click that."
Customer: "With which hand?"

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