13 noiembrie 2008

Chuck Norris, erou universal

Banuiesc ca ati auzit de glumele cu Chuck Norris. Acest Bula al americanilor, din punct de vedere al popularitatii. Spre deosebire de Bula al nostru care e bataia de joc a tuturor, elementul traditional al glumelor cu copii ratati si tupeisti, Chuch Norris e eroul din filme care bate tot, rupe tot, e cel mai tare si nimic nu-l pune la pamant.

chuck norris landing site
Dar spre deosebire de Bula care apare preponderent in bancuri, Chuck Norris apare in glume scurte de o propozitie sau fraza care au la baza comparatii sau evidentieri. Si cum avem si noi atatea site-uri cu bancuri si glume, au si americanii site-urile lor dedicate lui Chuck Norris. De pe unul din ele va prezint urmatoarele axiome despre eroul american, Chuck Norris:
  • Chuck Norris is currently suing ABC, claiming Hope & Faith are trademarked names for his left and right breasts.

  • Chuck Norris was the original choice to play the lead role in the movie, "Boys Don't Cry". Hilary Swank replaced him because test audiences found him to be gayer than 9 guys blowing 8 guys.

  • Chuck Norris has no friends on Myspace. Not Even Tom.

  • Chuck Norris once fought Vin Diesel... and got absolutely fucked up.

  • Chuck Norris' farts are silent and deadly. Deadly because of their potency, silent because his butthole is extremely loose.

  • Chuck Norris was born Chuck Stevens but took his wife's name when they were married.

  • Chuck Norris has to employs a legion of Mexican landscapers to suppress the wilderness that is his back.

  • Chuck Norris was once trapped in a paper bag for 3 days.

  • Chuck Norris has 2 speeds. Hard and harder. He uses these when making love to other men.

  • The leading causes of death in the United States are Heart Disease, Cancer, and AIDS. Chuck Norris has all three.

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